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The 38th Minstead Panto has just been performed this year, 2015, "Dracula The Vampire That Bites Back It's A Thriller" - see it online at

New 2014 - Scripts on the web

New this year Nick Mellersh who has written lots of these pantomimes has started putting some of his scripts up on the web. The first one is the 2013 pantomime "Snow White of the South Seas." Currently it is only on ibooks (which means you need an ipad) but it along with S tMinions battles the Dinosaurs will soon be available on the Kindle too. "Snow White of the South Seas" is FREE so be sure to get it while you can. You can learn more on www.nickspantos.co.uk. I hope you support this venture and of course support this site by adding your panto memories. Nick Mellersh 2014.

The photos show Bill Cooper as Salmonella one of the ugly sisters (Salmonella, Rubella and Listerine) in Beauty and the Beast in 1989, and the complete cast of Ali Baba in 1983.

This Wiki can be seen wherever you can get the internet, so add to it and make it everybody's Wiki. The more memories we get the more fun it will be.

How to put in your memories.

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Anybody can contribute to the Wiki. You can put up words as a guest, or you can ask to join and put up pictures and soundbites. The Wiki is being run by Isabel Yeo and Nick Mellersh