Hairy Spotter -2008

The cast during rehearsal (which was reputedly a bit of a disaster!

This was a new pantomime by a new team and it went really well! I hope that many of those involved will put up photos and description of their memories. The pic comes from the back of the program feel free to replace it with a better copy! Nick Mellersh.

Back in 2003 Luke Nicholson most unwillingly wore a pair of gold tights. (see the wiki for "Midsummer Night's Dream") I expect he thought they'd been thrown out, but never let it be said that Junior Minstead is wasteful... Those gold tights have been reused in 2008....this time on an even more unlikely pair of legs; those of Geoff Green!
I enjoyed this panto so much and would love to see comments and memories from those involved ....come on, guys! You can post photos as well!
Isabel Yeo

(Eric Roger)
I was quite pleased with the logo I created. It can be found here (in PDF).