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Daleks (the main evil aliens) outside the Trusty Servant!
This was the 30th Minstead panto and the 5th one done by Sandy Aylen.mBased on the BBC sci-fi series it boasted a huge complement of all the favourite Dr Who villains. It featured a came by Jonathon Cole and Nick Mellersh. There were great performance by Dr Wh himself played by a girl for once (somebody help me here please I've not got the program to hand) and Dr Who's Mother played by Sandy's younger son if I remember rightly.
Sandy Aylen the writer and producer and Dr Who himself (or rather herself)


Choc Ices

An email from Jonathon Cole to Sandy Aylen the author and director

Dear Sandy,
Well done for another great panto. Though the cast may have been smaller (we need to get them all reproducing more), I liked seeing them all doubling up and throwing themselves into their roles. Of course the two leads were very good, but one of my favourite moments was when an excited Nick Mellersh came up to me at half time and thrust a free choc ice in my hand, because we were cast again!
Best wishes ......‘The Master.’ alias Jonathon Cole

Yes it was great to get choc ices again as performers. Nick

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