Here's a press photo of "Sherlock Holmes stumped" The "Little Alistairs" (in the stripes) are obviously in awe of Sherlock Holmes, who is holding up "The Ashes". There is in existence a video clip taken by the backstage crew showing the cast singing the Teenage Dirtbag song. The little ones are so competitive and loud and excited... just loving it!

=> The older I get, the more I appreciate Jonathon's intricate jokes and plot lines, this year I think I got almost all of them! The whole Alistair thing was fantastic if you knew what they were on about - I think Jonathon has been gagging to do that joke ever since about 2003.

'You've got to get a wicket or two' was inspired and extremely funny indeed, and I so enjoyed singing Marian's brilliant song 'Cutting Edge Hair-Do's' with Phoebe and Victoria. Wearing a tight leather mini skirt and green wig was fun too - not a regular occurance, I asure you.

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