The community song scene was an experience every night. I don't know why we decided ot would be a laugh to ad lib it completely, prehaps there was enough lines crammed inside our minds already!!!

This was the 'panto that my son Luke had to wear gold sparkly tights, a naval officers' jacket and cap, He was the King of the Fairies(aka Prince Philip) to Lucy Wares' Queen.(Her Majesty) How cruel was that piece of casting to a 13 year old boy!! A hastly added pair of shorts saved everyones' blushes and his Grandma thought he looked lovely! And indeed he did!
The have appeared in several more pantomimes since on various cast members but never have they been worn under such protest.
I seem to remember having to hit him with my handbag, but it was a big too enthusiastic at times - sorry Luke! Titanic (a.k.a Lucie)

Geoff’s Green’s first choice for memorable panto song has to be “Here we are Sitting in a Jar” in Ali Baba performed by a troupe of older village lads. “The sight of their heads popping up out of the jars as they delivered their single word song lines will, I think, remain with me for ever.”
A very close second, he says, was “Tragedy” in Midsummer Nights Panto. This time performed by the older girls the first rendition brilliantly performed and subsequently eagerly anticipated by the audience whenever the magic cue word tragedy was delivered. See photo above.

Luke will not be pleased to hear that we have managed to find a photo of The Tights, with Luke in them.
We also have a photo of the girls performing the "Tragedy" song. It was on show with much else besides, in the 30 years of panto exhibition which Isabel managed so well. I'll try and put the photo here as soon as possible, or if anyone else has it why don't you do it?

Can't find Luke Nicholson in the tights, but they seem to have been re-cycled from Cinderella in 1982 some years before. Here is Jo Wright wearing them. He was Prince Charming. Oh no they weren't, I've found a pic of Luke looking unhappy in a different pair of tights.