This was my star year, everyone has one. I was the person aforementioned in the title of the play as a sought of King Henry V111. Some how I managed to rewrite Greensleeves rather badly, and wear a big costume (yes more tights- is someone trying to tell me something????) I think the one of the best performances came from my now retired panto' compatriot and fellow current panto' assistant Martin Yeo as Thomas Crammer. His performance involved lots of apologising and tip-toeing around the subject, exactly how it may have happened in real life!!! Luke Nicholson

=> Are you trying to tell me something Luke? I did enjoy the joke about the Royal Seal, which was actually the creature itself rather than a wax stamp because Sandy wanted to re-use the costumes!

I was a slightly soggy 2nd cook by the last performance - I had had an egg cracked on my head each night, and had zealously smashed many an egg on my fellow cook 3's noggin, sometimes slightly too zealously I fear! Sorry Phoebe!