Alistair here: I'll upload the video sequence used in Scott soon.

Why was it decided that running around in a roasting hot 'hall in mostly real furs was a good idea???

scott_program.jpg, Boots, Boots....

Though we're not credited in the programme for it, this was the year when Kay Nicholson and I had to be in charge of 10 pairs of Wellington Boots. Footwear for The "Scotts" and the "Amundsens" was thick socks; great on stage but disastrous when the teams had to venture into the wet carpark to reach one of the other 2 stage entrances. So Kay and I had scripts marked up with lines such as "Boots to Fire exit" or "Boots from main door to Surgery Door". We looked after the boots and the actors looked after themselves.

Surreal - Scott of the Antartic + the Spice Girls...
I can remember we were filmed for a documentary in our dress rehersal, and the only excuse I can think of for leaving a can of glittery hair spray on a red hot radiator (which yes, did explode on camera) is I was trying to really get into the role of a vacous blond girl band singer with method acting..! Lucie

I remember being a thoroughly embarrased six-year-old, in seal costume and seethrough grey tights, singing 'summertime'! Richard

At one stage a certain musical director thought I was mad, filming live huskies running up and down the hall, and then the Cheating Norweigians in a huge tent, including aspidestra, papers and a blonde masseuse, all in the middle of Antarctica (thanks to Alistair). But that's the magic of panto. I also wondered about how to give it a happy ending and then thought it just had to have a sad one, with a rousing song, of course.

Jonathan - how could anyone think you were mad??