I still think concreting the planning officer's guild in the wall was too kind!

=> As a planning officer in that pantomime I have to object - you and your Roman disregard for authority!
All I can remember is watching 'The Dambusters' before the play, and going on as a roman thug, with toga and funky actionman shades!

At one performance there was a shadowy figure in a suit sitting on one side. Afterwards, as the author and director, I was introduced to him. It was a certain local MP, who enthused about the performance and the play, especially its political correctness. Some may remember that Boudicca was a flame haired Eurosceptic monster who bashed the Romans over the head with a handbag in which there was a large housebrick. As a fervent Thatcherite, said MP could see no irony in the play whatsoever. When he was enthusing breathlessly about it the said author just muttered something about how interpretation depends on one's own perspective.