"I am the charge of the Light Brigade" What more can I say? I'll leave my brother to defend himself on this one... I was only 4, and hadn't quite grasped the concept of an army consisting of more than 1 man (I was into Actionman at the time!) Richard
I can remember Tish (who was 'the Lady with the Lamp') having a really bad cold for the performances - she did amazingly well especially since she'd lost her voice almost completely! Lucie

Florence also included Lord Lucan lost for much of the panto, saving Private Ryans, lots of them, and a lovely scene where Queen Victoria playing Mrs Brown meets Newky Brown aboard the Royal Yacht and they pretend to be Kate Winslet and Leonardo Decaprio in Titanic. Four removes and it was lovely. Of course the canon firing live rounds at the audience should not be forgotten.

You may hear the recording of the Battle Scene from this panto, which has been put onto CD along with other sound highlights. (Did we really have a real cannon?) CD's available from Dom Young.

I still think that Lady with the Lamp is the best panto song ever.... even if it is a little downbeat!!! ln

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