We decided (or rather Jonathon Cole did) that it would be Macbeth that year. Macbeth was still the hero but somehow survived. The villain was Lady Macbeth very scornful of her husband and reduced to killing Duncan herself (or trying to).

In that immortal couplet by the bard, sadly omitted from most productions, she complained of her spouse:
"Macbeth can't even fetch the veg inside
Let alone commit a regicide"

A lot of productions leave out the badger but not Minstead pantomime. We don't waste good costumes like that! And it's obvious now I remember, it helps to explain the most famous line in the play "Is that a badger that I see before me?"

How could anyone forget the song 'What do you wear under your kilt?' a timeless classic...

A guest appearance by Peter Murphy

At the end of the show we had a real live piper (at the left). Peter Murphy (the then rector) made a guest appearance as the Bard Himself. Contrary to what the picture seems to show, he was not giving a young member of the cast a gentle push off the stage.

I wasn't going to add any more to this wiki until after the exhibition, but now you've put this photo up I must explain what Peter the Vicar was doing - trying to prevent my daughter Melanie from leaving the stage before the wedding and grand finale. She was very fond of Peter and took his advice; deciding instead to listen to the Piper's tune.
He finished playing and silence fell as Peter began "dearly beloved brethren..." At the age of three Melanie was not the least bit interested in such matters so sidled along the stage to talk to the Piper. Then as now, small microphones were placed on the edge of the stage and picked up every word as she tried to engage the Piper in conversation.; "I like your music" (the Piper looked amused and faintly uncomfortable and did not reply, but Melanie, determined to get a reaction from him, looked him up and down with great care and finally spotted his spats.....) "Your socks are falling down." Audience, Piper, Vicar, backstage crew all collapsed in mirth whilst Melanie retired down the steps for a well deserved rest. (Bless her heart).
Yes I remember that. It was one of the great moments! Nick This is her I think just before the big moment. It's not how long the flame lasted we remember but how bright it burned. Nick

My first panto! I seem to remember I was a witch (that is my role was one of three 'little witches' in the panto, incase there was any confusion...). My first word spoken on stage was 'thyme!' whilst stirring a couldron of dry ice, and I will never forget singing the 'littl'uns' song with Marian's immortal words "What do you wear under your kilt? We would like to know. What do you wear under your kilt? 'Cos mum says there's not much to know"!! Lucie