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Task : Provide heads for two teams of chariot horses to be used in the famous race!!!
Solution: Worn out safety helmets to which were attached lengths of fence wire, bent to give the skeletal structure and then covered in hessian and painted. The adjustment straps in the helmets provided support and rigidity for the forward weighted, somewhat ungainly structures.

(During the race the illlusion of speed was given by making the columns beside the track move, instead of the chariot moving.............)

=> "Norman! Norman! Norman..."

One of my favourite panto characters was the irrascible caretaker Arnie, who was not that keen on children and who always interupted scenes saying what rubbish they were. In the end he got run over at the end of the chariot race before revealing his heroic status. I loved Marian's song for him, Caretakers' University with its chorus, 'I hate Kids.'

We have a photo of Arnie, and Norman (in case you're wondering, he was chef at the Trusty and made a guest appearance wearing some very tight and brightly coloured leggings belonging to a member of our family)

Nicks first appearance as a pantomime actor

This was the first pantomime that I actually appeared in. I think I was a Roman statue or something of the sort. I enjoyed it. Thank you Jonathan (Jonathon wrote and directed this one. Nick