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Except for the gorgeously coloured parrots we have found very few decent photos of this panto. Well we found a few for the History exhibition in 2011.

The parrots appear in all their glory, and there's much eles to look at

"Some Enchanted Evening"

I've never taken this song seriously since hearing Tinkerbell's rendition of it for "Treasure Island".
Imagine a large adolescent young man in a tutu singing this as a solo..
"Some Enchanted Evening,
You may see a parrot..." the last note always came out a little bit flat.

By way of explanation, some of the smaller members of the cast were dressed as a flock of multicoloured parrots; (the rest were a band of tiny pirates with little wooden daggers and possibly wooden legs, but maybe my memory is playing tricks!)

I seem to remember a chorus of tiny pirates all with wooden legs. For me that was the highspot of this panto. Nick