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Bill Cooper as "Salmonella"

This is Bill Cooper as one of Beauty's three mean sisters Salmonella, Rubella and Listerine. Actually I'm not sure which one Bill was. The three sang a nice rap song which would be fun to have up on the Wiki so I'll try to make it happen. Bill is eating a choc ice which we took to giving the cast in the interval. Probably we still do.


When I was young and as little as you
I used to jump and play
dream of the the day
I'd grow up just like I am today

Fairies never get older we stay like we are
We live forever shining like a star

..........and on and on this sickly sweet song between Beauty (Cally Cooper) and the fairies one of which was one of Wendy's daughters. I can't remember her name now but she left an impression, stick thin, whiter than white complexion and an unfeasibly loud, out of key voice. I'm not sure if I really liked this panto, abit peculiar, I think we had this curly haired bloke as the Beast, good costume, I think I played some irritating cat/narrator and had several young ones to look after. The ugly sisters Rap was a highlight and the opportunity to have lots of fun, craziness was the main ingredient of the panto anyway. (posted by Siouxsie Cooper)

Alice Trafford.... My First Panto

Who would have thought that being a dragonfly (yes that is want I'm supposed to be!) would be the start of such great things!!!