The twins of evil. The wicked Mekonta, Helen Payne, had Suzie Cooper cut in half to form the Twins of Evil. We'd probably be arrested for using costumes like that now ... but everyone loved it - see Susie's bit below.


We don't seem to have any photos of Startrekk so here are bits of the program. (Well the exhibition produced some good ones so here they are) The big features included sawing Suzie Cooper in half to clone her ("I think this will go down in history Bones, I'm the first Starfleet Captain to saw one of his crew in half"). When the saw had gone through the box, Suzie got out of one end of the box and Callie the other. It worked well. James Salmon was great and so were the Payne girls. But read the names above, they all did well. Toby Ayres made a name for himself by doing anything that occurred to him (except what he was supposed to do) every time he was on stage. The audience loved it.. And Teresa Mathews excelled herself with long pointy ears as Spock's granny. Teresa and her daughter Zarah were the first 2 generation pair to appear in the pantos. So tell us about it one or other of you! Nick

Star Trek as I remember it was pretty bonkers. In true Nick fashion we were asked what we would like to do, someone piped up Star Trek and your wish is my command and within a week we had the script. Playing opposite my brother as Captain Kirk was wierd, but wierder still was being sawn in half and emerging from a cloning machine with my sister in identical clothes. This was one of the all time greats, when I baby sat years later the children would ask me did it really hurt???? Oh boy did I scream at that given moment when my brother, Captain Kirk, dug that saw into the machine I screamed my heart out (even Dr Balfour remarked on my good pair of lungs!!). It was a fascinating show with plenty of pastiche and satire and the Great Makonta (played by the indominitable Helen Payne) and the B movie feminist call for refridgerating the male of the species (very forward thinking Nick considering the advent of freezing male sperm in the 1990s). I really enjoyed this number so did my counter part Cally Cooper we had a couple of meaty songs and a gripping script line that meant we weren't just decoration. Our signature song went something like this:

We're just cloned to be evil
We're just cloned to be baaaaaaaaad
we look just like the devil
And we love to drive men maaaaad

We love to whip and beat 'em
then chop 'em up and eat 'em
we're just cloned to be evil
we're just born to be bad

We are Bella and Donnnnnnna
Deadly as Deadly can be
When we're out
We'll give you about
The worse time you ever haaaaaaad
(can't remember the rest, although i know the obscure saying Rue the day comes in at some point)

I loved the camping, the extreme nastiness and fun to be had as a double act. We got outrageous, brought the house down and found our forte as the wicked sisters. Might be real life enacting itself on stage!!!!! Others might disagree!!! Beauty and the Beast saw us separated and I was particularly put out as some awful dog/narrator role and my sister was amused by playing Beauty; although I knew there was more wickedness than genuine affection in that stage kiss. The pantomime saw the welcome return of the evilness that can be the Cooper girls in Snow White. We were the Queen as herself and her reflection. This was another great moment of camp and outrageous behaviour, being scarey for the little ones and upstaging the heroine and hero. Well someone has to do it. We worked well and would make eachother work for the centre stage which is a good way to build on your performance technique. Likewise many other performers would step up to the mark and the level of acting, singing and general team work was excellent in this one and Snow White.

Star Trek has to go down as the wackiest, it was fun and above all it was the Minstead Pantomime going places other pantomimes have never gone before!!!!! (Couldn't resist)
(posted by Siouxsie Cooper)

James Salmon as Mr Spock is fitted with pantomime style pointer ears.
Teresa Mathews was the Dame (in this case Spock's granny). It is hard to tell if she is about to burst into giggles or was feeling really pissed off with the whole event. But she was great on the night. Teresa's daughter, Zarah, was a pantomime star in her turn.
And another dweller in church close Lisa Witcher (as was) as one of the Mekonta's gaurds. We want to see your children in the panto too Lisa!

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