This panto turned out rather well in the end - despite Nick and Audrey nearly coming to blows over the script. It was largely saved by Danny Leatherdale and a sterling performance by Bill Cooper. Good dances too from Audrey Saunders and a beautiful shadow puppet play done by the Instralls with artwork from Jeanie Mellersh.
And here is the photo I thought came from the Wizard of Oz actually it's from Pinochio. Tammy Paris (Audrey Saunder's granddaughter) was the dog Offenbach, on the left is Nicola Balfour.
Sorry everybody. Nick

For some reason very few photos of this panto have turned up. This was the first panto we saw (and the only one I've not been involved with).
We'd been in Minstead about 2 months and were just beginning to realise what an extraordinary community we'd joined. 22 years and countless community events later - it's still extraordinary! Isabel

Photos anyone?

It would be nice to get some sharper photos.


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