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The Ugly sisters and the Sedan Chair

When the ugly sisters wanted transport to the ball, they called "Cooper's Superior Sedan Chairs". When it arrived it was carried by diminutive Bill and Cally. Needless to say they could not lift the huge ugly sisters. In the end the sisters carried them in the chair. When they reached the ball the payoff line was "I'll never travel by mini-Cooper" again.

We actually got a real sedan chair for the performance (it sat in our garage for many years). However this wonderful photo (note Cally's triumphant face) seemed too good to miss. Posted by Nick

What shall we say about Bill's expression...? Isabel


Memories of a "baddie"
These pictures are funny. Its only looking back that you realise how we all just accepted that the panto was part of what we did in the year, I mean, where else would you get boys of 15, 16, 17 agreeing to be ugly sisters! I was the wicked step mother. I was glad to be a baddy and a bit sorry for Emma Tyrrell who was a perfect Cinderella, but poor thing, having to be sweet all the time!
My favourite scene was when we were preparing for the ball. Some workmen came to look at the kitchen door from a company called "Better Knockers" (Nibby and Stuart Watts), unfortunately I had misunderstood their profession and thought that they were plastic surgeons, so asked them to do some work on my daughters. The Ugly Sisters lay on a table on the stage, a white sheet was lowered in front of them, and a strong light switched on behind them. The audience then only saw in silhouette what was happening, the men from Better Knockers then appeared to cut them open with garden shears and pull out things like strings of sausages, vast chains etc... It looked brilliant. Ann Gardner mentioned the other day that she had complained to Nick at the time saying that "Better Knockers" was too rude - it all seems pretty tame now!

Sally Hayward